Back pain reduced 90%. Migraines reduced 90%. Neck and shoulders pain reduced 80%. Breathing improved 95%! Mindfulness improved 90%!

Alexander is the gift that keeps on giving. I came for back pain but lost my migraines! AND have seen improvement in mood and health as I invite myself to find ease. I have become more aware and mindful of my body, which has lead to ease of mind! Truly a mind, body, spirit technique.


After I work with Mari I feel complete. I love this work because it just all comes together. You realize how the neck connects to everything. Everything is connected. That was one of the really nice feelings I got – feeling the complete humanity of your body, all the parts working together. And the relief from stress from my neck and shoulders. Since I started doing this program with Mari I’ve been in some situations that usually generate a lot of stress and I’ve been able to deal with them without anxiety. It has helped a lot with walking. Now I’m looking toward the future of the road rather than looking down at the road, where you have no vision or future.

Noel Walther

This easing of tension in my throat is a game changer!

Megan Von Behren

Librarian, activities include piano, sewing

The cramps that I had in my legs all the time went away. You should list that as a benefit! And my neck does not hurt like it used to either.

Meta Wiechmann Hyder


This course is so helpful to people of all ages to reduce physical and emotional stress. Highly recommended.

Teri V.

Every time Mari did adjustment, I felt a difference. I felt an immediate difference in the tension of my horse. It was an ah-ha moment.


I’m more aware of my posture in general and I’m able to relax my neck and shoulders more easily. I liked every class. The ideas were clear and the atmosphere that Mari created was very pleasant. Mari’s classes are extremely interesting, clear and precise in helping to develop observation of your own body, how to relieve tension and to have more relaxed posture with greater freedom for action, in a very pleasant and safe atmosphere. Thank you very much!

Diana Diez

The Alexander Technique for Riders workshop was excellent! Loved the focus of yourself. I feel it will be even more useful as I practice the awareness until it becomes more automatic. Amazing how a soft touch on a body part can focus your attention there. I loved being able to do unmounted and mounted portions.

Jennifer Channer

The class helped me to become aware of where my body is and where it can go. I would come in tired and leave refreshed!


I attended Mari’s Alexander Technique workshop, which I found to be really helpful in making me more aware of subtle tension I didn’t even know I was holding in my neck and upper back. Mari, I wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog posts on the Alexander Technique. Your recent one on holding the violin was personally so helpful!

Roberta Anderson

Such a wonderful experience and the ease to learn with all the tips to keep me able to continue – is priceless! Excellent for anyone and all ages!


Mari leads exercises in a very friendly and accessible way. She creates the perfect environment for discovery and non-doing! I found it really valuable and calming. I love the tactile feedback! It’s so helpful to integrate ideas and find reminders.


Since I’ve started doing this (Alexander Technique-based Mindful Movement), parts of my body that were hurting just stopped hurting. The things that we’re doing are simple, but they’re very profound.


This class (Mind-Body Balance) helped relieve pain in my neck and helped me be mindful of different, less strenuous ways to move.


As far as my Alexander session, I apply it constantly.  As I’m hiking, sitting, transitioning form sitting to standing, playing mandolin, ….  For me there were several big takeaways after just my one session: relax into postures that are more self-supporting, tuck my chin and relax so my head is able to turn effortlessly side to side, and widen and lengthen my core.  It takes changing lots of habits, but the comfort and ease of movement is worth it.  You provided clear and calm coaching with gentle touch to help me ease into these natural postures.  I’m sure I could use a lot more coaching, but feel so grateful for this start.

NK of Bozeman

Highly recommend this. We don’t realize how much tension we carry in our bodies as dancers and how much our partners feel that. Working with Mari even just for a few hours really helped me be more conscious of how spinal alignment reduces this tension and makes my dancing more relaxed and fluid.

Lisa Ronald

I wanted to tell you that I started playing the cello again since my shoulder injury and it was incredible how much what we did in the classes helped me. I’m so happy! I can’t wait for our next class!

Paula, musician

The [DiscoverEase in Movement] course was very helpful to me to release tension and decrease lower back pain. Working with Mari is a pleasure. She helps us focus on increasing our awareness of what is working instead of judging ourselves about getting it right or wrong. Mari, you are great at identifying where we are stuck and you gave tips which were truly helpful.


As a dentist I contort myself to see my patients, which causes neck and back pain. Mari has really helped me to learn how to use my body the way my body wants to move to take care of myself.

Montana dentist

This class changed my way of thinking about how I moved, how I align my body and it helped lessen the pain I have experienced. I thought the class was excellent, practical and very informative. It helped me with sitting, standing and walking. I loved the hands-on.

Caroline P.

This is a course that you can’t miss! You always learn something new about posture. It has been very useful to break uncomfortable habits when playing my instrument and when playing live. The classes are very interactive and I recommend them to all my musician friends.

Thomas Gonzalez Fabi, pianist

Mari, thank you for your warmth and the clarity of your explanations of this wonderful and subtle technique, for finding the best way to use the body to do what we do. The invitation to stop doing things. Small pauses in action to check what I’m doing with my head. I am taking with me so many things to work on every day. Thank you Mari!!!

Cecilia Vega

I took the DiscoverEase in Movement with Mari and it was so insightful. It really helped me focus on holding my posture straight, always asking: where is my neck? I love the simplicity and the various techniques for helping postur at work and at home.

Caroline Patterson

Usually when I turn my head, it feels crunchy. After working with Mari, the crunchies go away and I can turn my head more easily.

Caroline Mhyre

Testimonials from DiscoverEase in Movement Workshops

Mari, the two classes which I attended were so informative and helpful! You are an excellent instructor with plenty of patience! The classes have helped me to “find ease” in walking, standing, and in my daily activities. When I remember to put the technique into action, I experience less pain, and have an overall better sense of well being! I like best Mari’s insight, patience and expertise! She is willing to address each question with the utmost patience and professionalism! I also like that this technique works! Mari is very patient, and knows what she’s doing. She works individually with each person, and helps to inform their bodies to “remember” how to “be” and function! Mari is the best!!!

[The DiscoverEase in Activity workshop] gave me powerful new ways to think about movement, posture and my body. Mari helped create space and awareness in my body.

What was most helpful was aligning myself in action and repose; finding that sweet spot where I don’t feel tension. I’ve been using it a few times a day, and also while making music. I forget to in the kitchen though!

Ease is the thing I’m taking with me. Across the board. The suggestion to find more ease in my life has helped in so many areas – well beyond just physical. The hands-on work was my favorite!

The class was excellent. It was fun and thought-provoking. Hands-on was respectful, felt great and was educational and skilled.

The class was good, useful, fun, playful. I gave myself permission to not respond. It reminded me that I have that choice. Mari has a magical touch. I feel like this class helped to inform not only my own dance and movement of myself but how I can use it to teach yoga as well.

[The DiscoverEase in Activity workshop] gave me powerful new ways to think about movement, posture and my body. Mari helped create space and awareness in my body.

This class helped me bring awareness to my body in a new and interesting way. It was helpful to reframe how I think about tension and release in the body in relation to pain. Hands-on work was very informative. Mari made the principles feel very accessible to even first-time participants. I would recommend this class. Even after a 2.5-hour workshop, feeling the tension release from my back and jaw is amazing.

There is a zen saying “Do nothing but leave nothing left undone.” To me, this is like that.

Both the alignment and sleep class were great – very beneficial. My body is more in alignment and easier to move. The courses were wonderful and Mari is an exceptional instructor. I would recommend both courses and Mari as an instructor.

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