It seems like pain, lack of balance and stiffness are just part of life, no? Could it be possible to live without constant or recurring pain, difficulty balancing and stiff muscles? In fact, there’s something that helps with all of those seemingly unrelated issues.

When you learn the skills of the Alexander Technique, you start to address issues of pain, balance and ease of movement. That’s because the first step is to stop and allow ease. In DiscoverEase in Movement classes you learn how to do that, because habitual tension is so habitual, we don’t notice that we live with it constantly.

When we allow ease, we stop contributing to pain with muscle tension, we stop creating imbalance with tension and compensations that pull us out of an easy alignment, and we stop creating stiffness. Importantly for pain, we also help our nervous system to stop “learning” pain and to start learning balanced, coordinated organization and safety rather than threat. (Read more about how pain works and why you should know in previous articles.)

There are lots of opportunities to learn these skills this spring! I’ll be applying them to a lot of different activities so you can learn them as you do something you like to do, like moving, running, dancing and walking! I’m also back in Montana and available for private sessions starting the beginning of March. Contact me to schedule.

Looking forward to seeing Montana friends soon!

Wishing you ease, balance and a spring in your step!
DiscoverEase in Movement

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